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Workouts – Last Week Today – July 17


Started training for the Houston Half this week!

I’m a little mad at myself that I already missed a scheduled run… but not beating myself up too bad about it. I ended up going camping with the hubs instead and was able to spend a great amout of time in the outdoors.

Before we know it summer will be over and we will be longing for longer days and warmer temps (hard to believe, I know), I am looking forward to a little break in the heat.

Here is how my week shook out:

Sunday – 6 miles slow (average pace 11:03). Got up and at ’em before it got too hot, 2nd day in a row not letting the bed keep me hostage – yay me!


Monday – 4 miles (average pace 10:57) with Gooses Acre Running Club.


Tuesday – Rest. Celebrated Anam’s birthday with doggie cake and ice cream… she had fun!


Wednesday – Rest.  Celebrated National French Fry Day at St. Arnold’s Brewery… not much can top a french fry bar and craft beer!


Thursday – Easy 4 miles (average pace 10:51). This was a run that I wasn’t looking forward to, but I forced myself to get out there and ended up having a great run.


Friday – Rest. Headed up to the hunting lease to spend the weekend camping with the hubs.

Saturday – Rest / Camping.

Total miles = 14

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  1. HoHo Runs

    I wouldn’t fret about missing your run at all. It’s early in training and if we can’t be flexible with our plans, it would drive us crazy. II’m afraid every day is like a doggie birthday at my house. I admit, they are spoiled. I have the butterfly socks too. Thanks for linking, Vicki.

    1. Vicki (Post author)

      Thank you, sometimes it is hard to remember that it is just 1 run over months of training.

  2. Chocolaterunsjudy

    Sounds like a good week! I usually don’t worry too much about missed runs at the beginning of a training cycle. And I’ve had to miss a few long runs during, too, on very rare occasions.

    Early days!

    1. Vicki (Post author)

      Thanks! Tough sometimes to remember that there are plenty more runs over the training cycle and a missed one won’t really hurt. .

  3. Meranda@Fairytalesandfitness

    I am definitely NOT looking forward to the end of summer! I am loving these warm temps!
    No way you should feel bad about missing a run when you are out doing something you love!

    1. Vicki (Post author)

      I do enjoy the warm temps until they just become brutal.

  4. MCM Mama Runs (@mcmmama)

    It’s too early in the season to worry about missing a run. You’ll be fine. Great job getting in what you did.

    1. Vicki (Post author)


  5. Nicole @ Fitful Focus

    Don’t worry about one missed run; you’re still doing awesome!

  6. fitfoodiemama

    I wouldn’t fret about the missed run either- but reading this reminds me that I have to figure out my training schedule for an upcoming 18 mile race…aaaah!

    1. Vicki (Post author)

      Thanks! Good luck with your upcoming race training plan.

  7. Tricia Vaughn

    I’ve been playing with the picture editing app I asked you about on IG but goodness it takes some getting use too. Your pictures look great! Ha I love that you got your doggie a cake and ice cream! How sweet!

    1. Vicki (Post author)

      It does take some getting used to, I just swapped phones from my big Note2 to a smaller one… I’m going to be on the learning curve again with this one trying to do it with a smaller screen!


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