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Workouts… last week today – Apr 10


I’m continuing my training for my upcoming half marathons.

Finished up the 30 day plank challenge! I am happy that is over, but am going to continue doing planks. Keeping up with doing HIIT twice a week as cross training.

This is how my week lined out…

Sunday – 10 miles steady (average pace 10:42), 2 min 40 sec plank (55 sec x 3)


Monday – Rest day – coupled with some strange stomach bug, I spent the day on the couch sipping on ginger ale and eating saltines… boo!

Tuesday – 4 miles easy + strides & 2 min, 50 sec planks (60 sec x 1, 55 sec x 2)

sweat selfie with anam

Sweaty selfie after Tuesday’s workout with my running buddy Anam, isn’t she cute!

Wednesday – HIIT & 2 min 55 sec planks (60 sec x 2, 55 sec x 1)


Thursday – 6 miles – ladder workout – run 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 minute repetitions at 5K race pace, jogging for half the time of the preceding repetition for recovery.  Bookended by 15 minute easy run. This workout was a tough one, but I really enjoyed it.  Will add it to my speedwork rotation for sure!  Also,  3 min planks (60 sec x 3) – this marks the end of my 30 day plank challenge!

Friday – HIIT, , 2 min 15 sec planks (45 sec x 3)


Saturday – 5 miles easy (average pace 11:40)

TOTAL miles = 25

I’m linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippi Piddlin’ for the Weekly Wrap, plus Nicole, Annmarie, Angelena Marie, and Michelle for Wild Workout Wednesday.

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  1. wendyistakingthelongwayhome

    Looks like a great week of training! I had that stomach bug a couple of weeks ago and it knocked me out for about 2 days.

  2. HoHo Runs

    Ugh. Sorry to hear about the stomach bug. I’m sure you are grateful that it didn’t last any longer. I hope to incorporate more weekly speed work into my routine after I’m finished with my last spring half marathon. That ladders looks like a very interesting workout. Anam is precious. Thanks for linking with us Vicki.

  3. Meranda@Fairytalesandfitness

    O yes your running buddy is so cute!
    I really should join one of those plank challenges. I need to work on upper body strength.

  4. Kimberly Hatting

    Typically, I don’t do a lot of speed work, but I’m trying to incorporate it in once in a while. I have an Ultra happening in July, so my focus needs to be more on distance (my excuse). Great job on the planking!!

  5. Jennifer @ Dashing in Style

    Great week! The people icons for the HIIT workouts are adorable!

  6. Wendy @ Wholistic Woman

    your running buddy is adorable 🙂

  7. Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner

    So many people had that stomach thing last week hope you are feeling better!

  8. Ana

    Yikes for the stomach bug! I hope you are feeling better! Great job on your training this week!

  9. Nicole @ Fitful Focus

    Stomach bug – yuck! It seems like you got over it quickly, though – phew! Way to go with the plank challenge and getting in all those workouts!

  10. Tricia@MissSippiPiddlin.com

    Great job Vicki on your workouts and I used your method for planking a few times this week. I planked twice for a little over a minute instead of longer. Yes, I think Anam is super cute! Does she run with you the whole time? I use to take my dog when I was running in the mornings but he got put in time out when he chased after a deer and didn’t come back for like 10 minutes. Ok it wasn’t entirely his fault since I did let let him off the leash but still…. Thanks for linking up with us!

  11. fitfoodiemama

    Boo to the stomach bug- my kids just got over it and it took like 6 days!!! Glad you are feeling better- thanks for linking up and sharing 🙂


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