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Damn you Patricia!!

We can’t control the weather.  Going into the weekend, Hurricane Patricia was bearing down on Mexico and had her sights set on the gulf coast. Friday afternoon the folks organizing the Houston Half Marathon and 10k announced that they would make a go-no go decision on the race by 8pm Saturday.  At 4pm on Saturday, the race was called.  Instead…
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Pre-race nerves

After having over a week of crap-tastic runs, I’m a bit nervous about my race this weekend.  I’ve been taking iron supplements, in hopes that the sluggish/tired feeling is just lack of iron.  I’ve also been taking maca root powder to help as well.  My run on Sunday went well, I felt fine during and after… even though I almost…
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Bleh… just bleh

The past few weeks of training have been tough to say the least.  I’ve been going through different scenarios trying to figure out why I’ve been so off.  I’ve been properly fueled, hydrated, rested… but I’ve felt sluggish during my runs, even in the beginning, so bad I have cut runs off early.  Every reasoning I can think of just…
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New Goal Race

I just registered today for my next race… it’s a 10k.  I’m pretty excited.  I’ve been planning on running in it for several months now, but it doesn’t seem like the commitment is real until the entry fees have been paid. On another note… my Achilles Tendon injury seems to have improved dramatically.  I am feeling no pain at all.  The…
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Injury… I think

I think I may have injured my Achilles Tendon… it started as I was leaving work on Saturday afternoon, I felt a pain in the back of my leg directly above my heel/ankle.  I went home, took some Advil and rested it.  I went out for a easy 3 miler plus strides that evening and it felt fine, a little…
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Mileage increase!!

It happened again… my long run mileage increased this week.  I’m up to 7 miles.  During my long run I felt almost euphoric! No aches and pains and it just felt great! Time for a little celebration dance.


I have become a Runkeeper GO! user.  I upgraded my free account to the paid version when they offered it at half price after the recent rebranding of the app.  I have to say, I really like this app.  I have used 2 of the training plans on it.  I trained for my most recent 5k with the Beginner 5k…
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Life of leisure

I had 5 solid days off work… and it was blissful! I enjoyed being able to get my runs in during the morning hours before the heat of the day crept up. It sure made a difference! I am not a morning person, but these am runs made me remember why I suffered getting up at the *ss crack of…
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Well, it happened…

Yup… I had two awful things happen yesterday. It was bound to happen, but on the same day!!?! I got the “you don’t look like a runner” comment from one of my co-workers. Yup, it irritated the heck out of me. Ok… so I’m not exactly long and lean, I’m vertically challenged! But, I do have 2 legs and they work……
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Adding mileage

Feels like I finally got to add some mileage to my LSD (long slow distance) run for the week. How does that make me feel? via GIPHY Ok… so it was 6 miles… I’m happy I reached this milestone … and I’m going to bask in the moment for awhile (or at least on my rest day).