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Jail Break Run Half Marathon Race Recap

I did it! I finished the Jail Break Run Half Marathon… and had a really good time doing it!

My goals were to:

  • Finish under 2:30
  • Take it easy at the start
  • Have fun

I accomplished all!

Now on to the recap….

I was very excited for this race.  I hadn’t ran a half marathon in nearly 14 years and I was ready to prove to myself that I could do it again.  For a February race, the weather was unseasonably warm – low 60s at race start and climbing into the low 70s at finish time.  I got my race outfit together on Tuesday night.

Wednesday I had my last “real” run before the race.  On Thursday, I was bouncing off the walls, ready to get my race on! Friday, I skipped the “shake out run”, had an early dinner and tried to make it to bed early.  Saturday morning came early… my alarm went off at 3:10.  I was able to get in a pre-race breakfast of toast with almond butter and a banana. I sipped on my naturally calm magnesium drink while I got showered and taped my bunions.  I headed out the door with a cup of matcha + maca superfood latte for a little caffeine boost and energy and off to Baytown I went.

I arrived in plenty of time to use the porta potties with minimal wait, stretch out a bit and take a snap of the start line.

At a little bit before 7 am, they called all runners to the start, said a prayer and sung the national anthem.  A rifle shot signaled the beginning of the race.  I started out with the mantra – my race my pace… don’t go too fast.  The water stops at the race were spread out pretty good and manned by some very enthusiastic volunteers, they even had porta potties at each water stop (which I took full advantage of at mile 3).

The route was relatively flat… up to mile 7.  Right after mile 7 you start heading towards the Fred Hartman bridge.  You go up one side and then turn and go back down the same side, so there is only one major hill.

I managed to run the full way up the bridge.  I had to stop shortly after I got to the top, not because I was winded, tired or anything… but to take in the view, and get a sweaty selfie.

Running down was fun! I still felt good after the bridge, and heading in for the last 3 miles… I knew I could do it!  During the last mile or so, there was more spectator support … and some good signs. A few that I remembered – “touch here for power”, “stop! – ain’t nobody got time for that”, “run like you stole something”, and “free high fives”.  As I turned into the final stretch I was cheered on by some of the race volunteers.

I ended with an official time of 2:22:13.  According to runkeeper, my mile splits were:

  • 1 mi – 11:12
  • 2 mi – 10:15
  • 3 mi – 10:19
  • 4 mi – 10:50
  • 5 mi – 10:07
  • 6 mi – 10:06
  • 7 mi – 10:29
  • 8 mi – 11:02
  • 9 mi – 11:18
  • 10 mi – 10:10
  • 11 mi – 10:27
  • 12 mi – 10:43
  • 13 mi – 10:16
  • 14 mi – 10:07
At the finish, I was given my finishers medal and a 13.1 sticker.  I really enjoyed this race, and I would definitely consider adding this to race calendar for 2017. It was small race (about 300 people).  It was very well organized and the volunteer support on the course was stellar!
I really can’t wait until my next race… 62 days to go!


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