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Houston Marathon Training – Week 2

Chicago Marathon training - week 13

I’m now in week 2 of my 12 week training cycle for the Houston Marathon.  This is the recap for my Houston Marathon Training – Week 2 today.

I had trouble this week keeping my hands off the snooze button. I could blame the late night Astro’s games, but ultimately it comes down to me.  By the way… how about those ‘Stros!    My cross-training and strength workouts really suffered. This week I need to get to it!

Over the weekend, the hubs and I went to Lake Travis with some friends for camping and so the boys could scuba dive.  We had a blast!  I’m pleased that I was able to still get in my long run and enjoy all the fun.  I had ordered a SUP to take with my on the trip, but sadly it arrived damaged and there went my well laid plans for cross-training after missing my wake-up calls.

I continued cooking and eating from the Run Fast Eat Slow cookbook.  This week I tried Giddy-Up Energy Bites and Nostrana’s Pasta Salad.

Houston Marathon Training – Week 2:

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 1 mile w/up & c/down, 3×1200.

Wednesday – Rest.

Thursday – 1 mile w/up and c/down, 5 mile tempo run.

Friday – 10 mile.

Houston Marathon Training - week 2

Saturday – Rest.

Houston Marathon Training - week 2

We were treated to this sunset Friday night!

Sunday – Rest.

Total Miles = 22

I’m linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippi Piddlin’ for the Weekly Wrap.




  1. Kimberly G

    Sorry to hear about the damaged SUP 🙁 I hate when you’re totally looking forward to something but then it doesn’t go as planned. I still think you had a great week of workouts though!

    How do you like those two recipes from the cookbook? I have the cookbook but haven’t made those recipes yet!

    1. Vicki (Post author)

      It was a bummer, but I guess it was better that the delivery service noticed it was damaged rather than when I was at the lake… blowing the thing up. I like these recipes… frankly, I haven’t tried one from this book I haven’t liked.

  2. HoHo Runs

    Oh, no! I hate that your SUP arrived damaged. I know you would have enjoyed that! I need to look at more recipes in that cookbook. I prefer recipes with few ingredients and few steps thus most of those recipes are out of my comfort zone. LOL. I haven’t been doing much cross training either. I was cycling, but now… I’m just not motivated. Thanks for linking!

    1. Vicki (Post author)

      So far, all the recipes have been really good (and seem to yield plenty for me to take in my lunch all week).


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