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Chicago Marathon Training – Week 1

Last week I started my 16 week training cycle for the Chicago Marathon. This training cycle I’m incorporating a few things that I didn’t do last training cycle; cross-training and strength training.  I also plan on keeping up with my planking. The hubs recently went out and got us a gym membership, which will definitely come in handy with those…
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Workouts – Last Week Today – October 2

I am in my 12th week of training for the Houston Half and my 1st week of training for the Houston Marathon. While I have 2 training plans, I’m planning to mostly follow the half plan until the full plan catches up. This week, coming off the fatigue I was feeling, I combined the two plans. The weekday runs were kept low…
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Mileage increase!!

It happened again… my long run mileage increased this week.  I’m up to 7 miles.  During my long run I felt almost euphoric! No aches and pains and it just felt great! Time for a little celebration dance.