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Monthly Archive: February 2018

Vegan Green Chili

I had never heard of green chili until we went to visit family in Colorado, it was everywhere.  Since I didn’t know what it was, I had to google it and sadly found out it was usually made with hunks of pork. There is a happy ending to that story, I found a vegetarian friendly restaurant that served vegetarian green…
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Indian Spiced Tomato Soup

Who doesn’t love the childhood favorite of grilled cheese and tomato soup? In my house, spice and flavor rule… enter Indian spiced tomato soup.  I add some warming spices to my soup.  Curry, cumin, and cayenne help turn a bland tomato soup into a party in your mouth. I recently tried getting away from the salty tomato soup in a…
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Running the Rose Trail Race Recap

I ran the Running the Rose 11 mile trail run on Saturday, January 27.  The 11 mile was one of multiple races on that day which included a 108k, 54k, 22 mile, 11 mile, and 7k. This is my Running the Rose Trail Race Recap. Race day eve had me driving up to Tyler, TX.  I had decided to drive up…
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Ultimate Coffee Date – February Edition

Today I’m joining the Ultimate Coffee Date for some catching up.  It’s the ultimate coffee date – February edition! So go grab your favorite beverage of choice and have a seat and let’s catch up. I’m sipping on some coffee today. My brew for today is the Kansas City Dark Roast by the Roasterie.  Sadly, it’s the last of those…
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