Greek Style Cucumber Nachos

Greek Style Cucumber NachosGreek Style Cucumber Nachos – I’m really on a nacho roll lately.  Let’s just blame it on March Madness.

After cooking up the Mediterranean inspired pizza last weekend, I started wondering if I could do nachos in a similar fashion.  (spoiler alert… I did)

I wasn’t sure what to use as the base “chips” … originally I was thinking pita chips – either homemade or packaged, but I wasn’t sold on the idea.  It came to me as a eureka moment to use cucumber rounds – they are one of my favorites to use to dip into hummus, so why not!

The vegan feta cheese I used in this recipe was more like a spread, I used less water (1/6 of a cup) and firmed it up in the fridge.  This cheese is really good (like eat with a spoon good), but doesn’t really crumble.  To adjust, I dropped pea sized amounts over the top of the pile of nachos.

These are light and cool… and I think a perfect “nacho” for spring and summer!

Greek Style Cucumber Nachos


seedless cucumber, sliced into thin rounds (about 1/8")


vegan feta cheese

kalamata olives, sliced

roasted red pepper, chopped

red onion, diced

grape tomatoes, sliced

artichoke hearts, chopped


Put down a layer of cucumber.

Spread hummus on the cucumber layer (if your hummus is really thick, thin it with a little bit of water).

Top with veggies and the feta cheese.



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