Workouts – Last Week Today – March 5

fontover_201671013354641-1.jpgThis week was a week was a definite cut back week for me.  I ran twice this week, made it to yoga class, and started on my plank-a-day for the month of March.

This is how my week ended up:

Sunday – Rest day.  Spend most of the day in my PJs. Totally needed a pajama day!

Monday – 3 easy miles with the Gooses Acre Running Club. They seemed a little hard, I’m blaming it on the humidity and the fact that I over dressed.

Tuesday – Yin yoga class.  I was so happy to be back at this class.  I think it is really helping my running… from keeping my hips happy to the mental aspect.

Wednesday – Rest.  1:00 plank.

Thursday – 3 miles on the trails.  I found some trails near the house and ran on them.  It was a beautiful afternoon (hello cold front) and I saw a deer and the beginning of a beautiful sunset! 1:00 plank.


Friday – Rest. I had been going back and forth between running and rest.  Rest won out as I was woken at 1am with the dogs… one of them had diarrhea Thursday morning, and the same one or the other one had it this morning (evidently I’m the only one that can clean up this type of mess).  Put the dogs on a fast for the rest of the day and came home to make them a special dinner (white rice/cottage cheese/boiled chicken), as I write this they are doing better! I forgot to plank 🙁

Saturday – Rest.  I thought I might run a few miles after spectating & volunteering at The Woodlands Marathon, but when I got home, I took a nap then headed out to meet-up for the KU Alumni watch party for the final KU game of the regular season. 1:00 plank.

Total Miles = 6

I’m linking up with HoHo Runs and MissSippi Piddlin’ for the Weekly Wrap.



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