February Recap and March Goals

February is leaving us in her dust… it’s time to take a look at how I am progressing against my 2017 goals and how I did on my February goals.  I’m also setting a few goals for March.

2017 Goals:

  • Run my first marathon – Complete – check out the recap here.
  • Run 1,200 miles this year – making progress.  I am up to 160 miles for 2017.
  • Try out trail running- pressed the registration button for an easy trail race in March, and have a 25k trail race lined up in April.
  • Half Marathon PR – sub 2:02:38 – more on this later. 

February Goals

  • Continue to go to yoga class – at least 1x/week – D …  I made it to yoga 2 times this month, plus 1 at home practice
  • Do strengthening exercises 2x/week – e.g.; push-ups, squats, etc. – F … 1x 
  • Get up in the morning when alarm goes off, no snooze or multiple alarms – B- … No more multiple alarms.  I did flirt with the snooze button a couple times during the month.  
  • Meditate daily– C- … I sat on my meditation cushion 17 times during the month
  • Clean and organize my home office – F … Nope, didn’t even touch it… I did however get my closet and bathroom in order!

Wow… if I brought a report card like this home, I would be grounded indefinitely! 

Although I did not set any goals for February Running, I would give it an A+.  I had a total of 73.5 miles for the month… I got in 2 half marathons and a ran 3-4x a week.  I had some solid progression runs and some great long runs.  I made it to the Goose’s Acre Running Club 3 times.

March Goals

  • Continue to make it to yoga – at least 1x/week
  • Go streaking… do #plankaday
  • Clean up eating… I’ve been slacking again, but I know I can do better (sugar, I’m looking at you)
  • Clean and organize my home office 

What goals do you have for 2017?  Do you make monthly goals?

I’m linking up with Cowgirl Runs and Carmy for the Monthly Goals link-up and MCM Mama Runs, Marcia’s Healthy Slice, and My no-guilt life for Tuesdays on the Run.



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